Thursday, 28 May 2015

Time to try my Brusho Paints!

The Clarity Challenge theme for May 2015 is clocks, and I was struggling a bit to come up with any ideas really this month. In the end, I went with the KISS rule - Keep It Simple, Stupid!

I've been quite inspired by the fabulous backgrounds that I've seen people create using watercolour paper and Brushos, so I thought I'd just have a go, and maybe try the letterpress technique using one of my Clarity Stencils.

What do you think?

I pierced a hole in the top of the Brusho pots, and used it like a pepper pot as I'd read this was the best way to control the amount you dispense. I did 3 or 4 shakes of Emerald Green, and a couple of shakes of purple, then spritzed with water a few times and left it to airdry.

Then I inked up the Clarity clockwork stencil with Black Archival ink, and wiped away the edges to give a rough circle outline. I letterpressed this through an embossing machine onto the watercolour paper, so the final result actually has quite a textured embossed image.Finally I wrote some "timely" phrases around the edge of the circle, trimmed down the watercolour paper, and matted onto some emerald and black card to finish it off.

I thought about adding some flowers and leaves for embellishment, but in the end decided against that - remember the KISS rule - hoping that less is more.... Susan x